Welcome to August 1997.

You are going to meet the merry old days through the protagonist’s eyes

After 8 years since he left Taiwan because of an accident, our protagonist, Xia Xuan You, has came back to his hometown now.

But meanwhile, he sense something odd.

Arsonist, white shadow, dismembering murder, weird local religion, and the cruel homicide take place after the "war of mineral right" ten years ago.

This place is filled with surreal folk tale and rumour.

What’s crawling inside darkness?

Something unusual are eroding the regular peaceful days, enjoy it.


it was...

… August 1997.

Although the first presidential election was held, the daily life on this subtropical island doesn’t change much.

Shen Jiu Hu,

A small mountain town adjacent to a skyrocketing city named Gan Lai.

It’s been busy dealing with cliche problems that a small town would have, like brain drain and lack of jobs, but the folks still stick to tradition:

“Fu Hue Featal”

A bustling ritual which would last for whole week during Ghost festival.

Holy pilgrimage around the region, Jiao (a Taoist sacrificial ceremony), praying, then release lanterns into river, wishing for safeness in the whole following year.

It was supposed to be such a pure traditional ritual in the first place.

But rumors has been on every corner...

...telling that the true meaning of the ritual is to stop something ominous.

The corruption hidden behind mining plan a decade ago is still spreading now.

A seed of terror which had been sowed since Japanese occupation.

A Urban legend from eighties.

”There is always something happens around Ghost festival.”

Phenomenon which should not even exist is right there, just like it should be.

The line between reality and fantasy is fading.

The basic law of the world is breaking down.

it was...

Who? For what? And the most important… How?

Rumors spread, mixed with retribution, conspiracy, curse and coincidence.

It’s fin de siècle, paranormal event is thriving...

...and I believe in you.

Believing that you can keep on your way in this bizarre summer night.

Welcome to Gan Lai.