In the scorching August of the Minguo 86.

Despite the successful completion of the first presidential election, the subtropical island remained immersed in the familiar summer atmosphere, ushering in the hot season.

「Kan-Lai Town」 in xx County.

Known for its past gold rush, this small town is currently experiencing gradual development and is nestled in a mountainous area facing the sea, occupying just over one square kilometer. It is called "Kakuto" the mountain city.

Having gone through a long period of glory, it has shaped its current dual nature.

Setting aside the issue of the gradual population migration to the neighboring bustling city of "San-Hsing" this place still retains its traditional character.

『The Fu-Hui Festival』

It is a lively folk event that takes place for about a month around the middle of the ghost month.

The nine major families on this land, led by different surnames each year, hold this century-old festival with its rituals and ceremonies.

From lighting the lamps, opening the altar doors, erecting lamp poles, offering lanterns, displaying colorful decorations, engaging in lantern processions, water lantern processions and releasing water lanterns, to the universal salvation during the ghost month, sending off the lonely souls, closing the altar doors, and handing over the torches――with the completion of these activities, the townspeople receive blessings.

Originally, it should have been such a simple ritual――

Welcome to the world of August 1997.

Through the perspective of the protagonist, you will feel or relive that wonderful era.

The protagonist, 『Hsia,Hsuan-Yu』, left Taiwan during his childhood due to a certain incident and returned to this land eight years later.

Although he feels a bit puzzled by the unfamiliar old apartment and his past friends, he has already made up his mind to start this unfamiliar yet familiar new life.

But at the same time, you need to be prepared to "assume responsibility"――

『The Grand Nine Order』

It is a mechanism established by the nine families that control "Kan-Lai Town" to formulate town regulations, distribute benefits, reconcile factions, and manipulate local elections……This is a tremendous power that overrides the law and governs this place in secret.

Now, as the head of the "Hsia" family, one of the nine families, after returning to this place after many years, you have an obligation to understand the local customs, cultural history, and the hidden secrets unknown to the townspeople――and make cautious decisions in the council.

After gaining power, you begin to notice that something is amiss... This place is filled with inexplicable strangeness.

Mysterious series of deaths in Kan-Lai Town (1989-1997)

Starting from the riot called the "Mining Rights Resistance" that occurred several years ago, followed by a series of settling events. Persecution, assassinations, imprisoning political enemies……The claws of the nine families of Kakuto seem to be spread throughout the town, making everyone fearful, as if returning to the era of strict secrecy and espionage.

……But is it really so?

The death incidents that happen on a fixed date every year have taken a different turn since the mid-1990s.

People have started to believe that these are not merely actions taken to eliminate enemies in the town……Random serial killers、unknown pathogens、human sacrifices、calamities caused by deities、red elixir――versions circulating in the town are gradually deviating from the past.

And all of this seems to have already been recorded in the ancient document called the "Nine Offerings Poem" that has been passed down for centuries, like a prophecy――

『Death of Severance』、『Death of Violence』、『Death of Downfall』 『Death of Secret Assassination』、『Death of Epidemic』、『Death of Chilling』 『Death of Fire』、『Death without Trace』、『Death of Annihilation』

Could this be a man-made conspiracy?or a series of coincidences?or perhaps it's a divine retribution from the Lord of the King?

The truth, will be judged by you――